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QHIS Achievements

QHIS Achievements

Since assessment is essential and a critical step in the learning process, we had to launch a new framework at the beginning of the academic year for the following reasons:

  1. It determines whether learning objective have been met or not.
  2. Assessment affects students’ grades, advancement, and instructional needs.
  3. Assessment motivates students to develop themselves and work harder.
  4. Actual assessment helps us know the real level of students. This of course helps us set future development plans.
  5. The new assessment helps us avoid mark inflation.
    All the above-mentioned reasons led us to launch a new assessment Framework.
    Note : starting to work according to the MOE assessment in Arabic and Islamic efficiently .we could manage the matter wisely and in a very short time

The students this year used to make projects for each subject in each part of the year. projects helped to a great extent student realize the value of the academic research.

It is a great way to assess what students have studied over a short period of time, that is why we shed light on:

  • Different types of questions that reflect the different levels of students.
  • Questions that measure the depth of knowledge of each student.
  • Paid attention to SAT Style questions that depend on critical thinking.

Oral Quizzes 

  • This is the first year to examine students orally in French

Note: Through quizzes we could really identify the level of students

Tests are a great way for teachers to find out more about the students themselves. That is why we shed light on:

  • Tests covered all what students studied.
  • Questions dealt with all different levels of students.
  • Questions measured the depth of knowledge.

There is one unified model of lesson planning that is commonly applied by all departments and that was designed according to the common core standards.

We set more clarification for each scale that made it easy for subject heads to evaluate teachers in class visits.

Points were added to measure teacher’s academic performance and contribution outside class rooms. This enabled subject heads to easily differentiate between teachers.

This year we used several applications to help us assess students like plickers , Kahoot….
Zoom experience is a great success.

Participation in extracurricular activities with academics like School Broadcast, competitions, clubs Zoom experience is a great success.

Setting programs for dealing with the low and high achievers.
This is a program helped teachers to focus on how to deal with low achievers and high achievers as well. This led to develop the low achiever student, satisfy the needs of the high achievers, find out talented students.

Phonics labs

The Phonics lab was used this year for different purposes:

  • Teaching English Phonics 
  • Teaching Arabic Phonics
  • Teaching French Phonics

Science Labs

Activating virtual science labs led students to be more interested and creative.

We used data analysis to improve the educational process and to see where we are.

Actually, this year the training was different for the following reasons

  • Based on real needs
  • More qualified trainers

In both Science and Computer, we examined students both written and practically 

Thanks to plans set by subject heads and the academic administration, Teachers dealt efficiently with the new books this year:
-French books
-Technology books
-English books
-Science books
-Social books
-Mental math books (programs)

BY the end of the year, kindergarteners became able to read,write,participate in activities,  depend on themselves, ……………….

They are qualified to be in grade 1

Certainly, let’s organize the provided information logically and categorically:

Areas of Excellence in QIMAM El HAYAT International Schools

  1. Strategic Planning and Adaptation
  • The school regularly reviews its strategic plan to align with global changes, particularly in technology and AI. It focuses on preparing students for a dynamic world.
  1. Quality Education
  • Emphasizes standards-based learning objectives and outcomes.
  • Focuses on shaping students’ personalities through inclusive programs.
  1. Well-tailored Curriculum
  • Adopts international standards like CCSS/CCNG.
  • Highlights a Technology Curriculum with a focus on AI, IoT, and Robotics.
  1. Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Majority of educators undergo comprehensive training.
  • Some hold prestigious international certifications and Ph.D. degrees.
  1. High Standard Educational Facilities
  • Modern computer lab, well-equipped science labs, and Phonic Lab.
  1. PMA/Handbooks/QHIS Manual
  • Ensures everyone is aware of school policies.
  1. Teachers’ and Staff Evaluation System
  • Includes class visits, academic measures, administrative KPIs, self-evaluation, and peer observation.
  1. QHIS Assessment Framework
  • Aligns with international standards and ministry guidelines.
  • Encompasses various assessment criteria.
  1. Yearly and Weekly Planning
  • Provides a dynamic roadmap for the learning journey.
  1. Activities and Competitions
  • Encourages student participation in international competitions.
  1. Ethics and Values
  • Instills ethical values, manners, and anti-discrimination principles.
  1. Trips
  • Includes fun and field trips for entertainment and real-world experiences.
  1. Data Analysis
  • Focuses on extensive data analysis for student and teacher performance.
  1. Low and High Achievers
  • Provides support for both low and high-achieving students.
  1. Arabic Transition Programs
  • Offers programs for students not fluent in Arabic.
  1. Health Programs
  • Includes PSHE programs promoting good manners and anti-smoking campaigns.
  1. PE Sessions
  • Encourages students to explore various sports and physical activities.
  1. Family Engagement in the Educational Process
  • Involves parents in policy development and student assessments.
  1. STEM Initiative
  • Integrates math, science, and computer science with real-world applications.
  1. HR System
  • Ensures transparent and legally binding employment relationships.
  1. Complaint Policy
  • Allows employees to voice concerns.
  1. Parents Complaints
  • Has a structured system for addressing parental complaints.
  1. School Structure
  • Consists of various administrative departments.
  1. Training
  • Focuses on real needs and utilizes qualified trainers.
  1. Practical Exams
  • Includes written and practical proficiency exams in science and computer subjects.
  1. New Curriculum
  • Adopts new curricula for English, math, and science.
  1. SAT and PSAT
  • Offers SAT preparation programs for university enrollment.
  1. K.G Department Learning Objectives
  • Prepares kindergarteners for Grade 1.
  1. Saturday Attendance
  • Teachers volunteer to assist students on Saturdays.
  1. QHIS SAT Center
  • Accredited as an SAT test center.
  1. Digital Resources
  • Recognizes the importance of digital resources in promoting education.

This organized list showcases the diverse areas of excellence and focus within QIMAM El HAYAT International Schools. Each area contributes to the school’s commitment to providing a holistic and high-quality education for its students.

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