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SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in more than 4000 colleges and universities around the world.

Digital SAT in Qimam El-Hayat

Qimam El Hayat International School offers DSAT preparation courses for students in grades 10 and 11, which serve as a crucial international qualification for university admissions. Our curriculum aligns with the College Board Official SAT, focusing on both English and math sections. Additionally, we conduct mock tests to simulate the real SAT experience, helping students become familiar with the format and demands of the actual exam. Our students dedicate a total of four hours per week to their DSAT studies, ensuring they receive comprehensive and effective preparation to excel in this important standardized test, which is a key step towards their university aspirations.

The Digital SAT Suite: What’s changing?
Reading and Writing

The Reading and Writing sectionthe digital SAT is designed to measure students’ attainment of critical college and career readiness in literacy. The section focuses on key elements of comprehension, rhetoric, and language use that the best available evidence identifies as necessary for college readiness and success. In this section, students answer multiple-choice questions requiring them to read, comprehend, and use information and ideas in texts; analyze the craft and structure of texts; revise texts to improve the rhetorical expression of ideas; and edit texts to conform to core conventions of Standard English.


The Math section of the digital SAT is designed to measure students’ attainment of critical college and career readiness knowledge and skills in math. The digital SAT Suite Math section focuses on the key elements of algebra, advanced math, problem solving and data analysis, and geometry and trigonometry (except for the PSAT 8/9 which does not test trigonometry) that evidence identifies as necessary for college and career readiness and success. Over the course of the Math section, students answer multiple-choice and student-produced response (SPR) questions that measure their fluency with, understanding of, and ability to apply the math concepts, skills, and practices that are most essential for readiness for entry-level postsecondary work.

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