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School Fees 2023-2024 - Qimam El Hayat International School
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School Fees 2024 - 2025

* Terms and Conditions applies. 

 * Fees is Exclusive of VAT.

 School Fees 


Annual Fees

First Term

Second Term

Third Term

KG2 – KG313,0004,5004,5004,000
Grade 1 Beginners16,5005,5005,5005,500
Grades 1 : 614,5004,5005,0005,000
Grades 7 : 915,5005,0005,0005,500
Grade 1016,5005,5005,5005,500
Grades 11 : 1217,5005,5006,0006,000
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  • A sibling discount of 500 SAR is applied starting from the second child enrolled.
  • School fees do not cover textbooks, school uniform, or any external activities such as school trips, which must be obtained from an external supplier.

  • The tuition fees for each of the three academic terms are separate and unrelated to one another.

  • School fees do not cover transportation costs.
  • Any discounts provided by the school to the guardian, excluding the sibling discount, are subject to adherence to the payment schedule. Failure to comply with the specified payment amount or exceeding a delay of five working days from any specified date results in automatic cancellation of these discounts, without the guardian’s right to object.

  • The student is responsible for maintaining the school’s property, and in the event of any damage, the guardian is obligated to repair or replace it at his or her own expense.
  • In the event of the student’s absence from school, the guardian is not entitled to withhold any amount from the due fees, regardless of the duration of the absence.

  • The school is committed to the announced tuition fees and is not permitted to change these fees after the date of signing this contract, except after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Education and notifying the guardian before the end of the academic year regarding the tuition fees for the following academic year.
  • The school has the right to retain the student’s file and refrain from handing it over to the guardian in the presence of outstanding and unpaid school fees.

  • The school is authorized to pursue any legal or administrative measures it deems necessary (at its sole discretion) to recover outstanding school fees or other charges from the guardian. The guardian is responsible for covering all expenses incurred by the school as a result, which will be added to their outstanding debt. The guardian’s objection to these expenses will not be taken into consideration.

  • Seat reservation fees are non-refundable.

  • Tuition refund policy If the student withdraws from the school for any reason, the guardian has the right to retake the tuition fees according to the following:
    1.  In the event that the student does not attend school at all, the full tuition fees paid will be refunded after deducting (1,000) only one thousand SAR.
    2.  If the student attends one school day up to two weeks, he/she shall refund the full tuition fees paid after deducting half of the fees of a full semester.
    3.  In the event that the student attends for more than two weeks, he/she shall refund the full tuition fees paid after deducting the fees of a full semester.55


* تطبق الشروط والأحكام الخاصة بالتسجيل.

 School Fees 

Annual Fees
First Term
Second Term
Third Term
KG2 – KG311,5003,5004,0004,000
KG COND.12,5004,0004,0004,500
Grades 1 : 613,0004,0004,0005,000
Grades 7 : 914,0004,5004,7504,750
Grade 1015,0005,0005,0005,000
Grades 11 : 1216,0005,0005,5005,500
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  • The parent gets a brotherhood discount (500 SAR) starts with the second child.
  • School fees do not include school books ,which can be obtained from outer supplier.

  • First term expenses are not attached to second term expenses unless the student completed the study school.
  • In case of applying for taking back the file in the specified date, and the parent was already paid the expenses as a whole complete payment and he got the discount percentage ,then the parent has the right to retrieve the expenses plus the discount :

a- The percentage discount for the whole completed payment.

b- The percentage discount for brotherhood that related to the period.