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Academic Plan

Academic PLAN 20-21

Improvement Strategies




Implement New Math/English/Science Curriculum

  1. Head of department will provide professional development for math staff.

  2. The Math head will support teachers and students with implementation of new curriculum in specific grades. (9-11)

  3. Teachers will use math assessments (formative and summative) to inform their teaching to meet the needs of each student, reflect on each unit and share best practices.

  4. Teachers will conduct peer observations of effective math practices.

  5. Students will engage in small group and partner work to improve math understanding and discourse.

  6. Parents will receive information and communication about new math curriculum

Provide curriculum and instruction that inspires and engages students.

Foster a cycle of continuous instructional improvement through the use of data, collaboration 
and instructional support.

. Create and build upon promising initiatives to meet the needs of all learners and ensure that all students succeed.

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year and implemented over a 2-3-year period, all students will engage in a developmentally appropriate, engaging, and comprehensive math curriculum K-12 as evidenced through student assessments, engagement and skill development.

Math /English/Science Heads

Improve Achievement for All Students

  1. Staff will develop mentoring program for “high needs” students to strengthen positive relationship with school

To upgrade the level of both low and high achievers

Over the next two years, students in the high needs categories will continue to make considerable growth in academic areas, as defined by Math benchmark assessments

All the staff

Promote Effective Use of New Technology

  1. Staff will explore typing programs and other impactful technology resources to broaden students’ proficiency with typing and use of technology.

  2. Staff will develop guidelines and recommendations for use of technology for homework.

  3. Principal will hold staff meetings that focus on teachers sharing best practices and learning new techniques around integrating technology into all domains.


Continue to update Teaching and Learning facilities

Implement a plan for student assignment

Curriculum and Instruction: Promote and support effective use of technology

Students will have multiple opportunities to enhance their learning across the curriculum through technology.

Technology team

All the staff



MAP Growth assessments, functionality and technical requirements


Measuring student’s academic growth

Improving students’ academic level

Effective planning for dealing with student’s level

Academic committee



New Students’ Assessment Framework

New assessment framework that is based on continuous assessment  will be implemented

-to assess students continually

Promoting students’ academic level

School staff

Testing Style

School will use various types of questions to apply a new testing style that depends on recalling and understanding

-to improve both teachers ‘and academic performance

To be more able to identify the area of weakness and strength of students

Students will be able to identify which area they should improve

Heads of Department

Teachers’ Professional Development


To develop teachers’ performance through training and evaluation

To know the areas of strength and weakness of each teacher


And academic committee

Result Analysis of students

To provide accurate analysis for students’ level

Identify where we are



Academic committee

Developing lesson planning depending on common core standards

Choose the Standard that is applicable to  lesson planning

Effective lesson planning

Heads /Staff

Effective use of science/computer/phonics labs

Enhancing the practical side of knowledge

Linking what students learn to the practical life


Promoting research skills

Teachers shall motivate students to do research through online resources

Students are to get more information through on line resources

Students are well prepared after high school

Heads /school staff

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