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Schools in Riyadh for international students - Qimam El Hayat
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Qimam El Hayat International Schools pay more attention to teaching students SAT 1 and Subject SAT for the following reasons:
  • To enable them to target pre-university qualifications if desired.
  • To improve their overall linguistic skills and express their analysis of content-based material in all subjects with accuracy and flair.
  • To form informed opinions and judgments about what they read through logical analysis of form, structure, and language.
Based on this, we:
  • Start teaching Pre SAT in grades 7,8, and 9
  • Teach SAT and Subject SAT in grade 10:12 as follows
  • Two periods critical Reading per week
  • Two periods writing per week
  • Two periods math per week
  • Two periods Subject SAT per week for grades 11 and 12