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Qimam El Hayat International Schools places a strong emphasis on teaching students SAT 1 and ACT for several important reasons. These reasons are geared towards preparing students for various aspects of their academic and personal development:
  • Preparation for Pre-University Qualifications: We are not only introducing SAT 1 and ACT preparations, but we are also introducing (PSAT) early on in grades 7, 8, and 9, students are given ample time to familiarize themselves with the standardized tests. This early exposure allows them to target pre-university qualifications effectively if they choose to pursue higher education abroad or at institutions that require these tests for admission.
  • Enhancing Linguistic Skills: The inclusion of critical reading and writing in the curriculum from grades 7 to 12 helps students improve their overall linguistic skills. Analyzing content-based material in all subjects helps them express their thoughts and opinions with precision and flair, which is a crucial skill for academic success and effective communication.
  • Cultivating Analytical Thinking: The focus on critical reading and analysis of form, structure, and language equips students with the ability to form informed opinions and judgments about the content they encounter. This analytical thinking is not only valuable for standardized tests but also for their broader intellectual growth and the ability to engage with complex ideas.
  • Dedicated SAT and ACT Instruction: In grades 10 to 12, students receive specific instruction on SAT and ACT, allocating one hour each for critical reading, writing, and math per week. This dedicated time ensures that students are well-prepared for these exams, which can significantly impact their college and university admissions.
  • ACT Preparation in Grades 11 and 12:
  • Grades 11 and 12 receive two hours of ACT preparation per week. This additional focus on the ACT acknowledges its importance in the admissions process and provides students with comprehensive preparation to excel in this exam.
In summary, Qimam El Hayat International Schools’ approach to teaching SAT 1 and ACT reflects a holistic educational philosophy. It aims to prepare students not only for standardized tests but also to develop their language skills, analytical thinking, and the ability to make informed judgments – skills that are valuable for their academic and personal growth beyond high school.