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About Us

About Us

The best Learning place for your kid.
Founded in 2005, Qimam El-Hayat International School provides a comprehensive education that is inquiry-based and internationally minded, enabling children to become lifelong learners and caring global citizens. Qimam El Hayat students are inspired to take actions and solve problems for the betterment of themselves, others, and the world around them.

The academic year 2016 is a turning point in the school history. New policies and updated plans have been adopted to develop the school. Major steps have been covered. These steps included four crucial aspects: curriculum, teacher, student, parent.

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QHIS has adopted a different, yet distinguished, approach to teaching and learning. We do believe that our learners are human beings of their age: thus our school mission, vision, and values postulate and reinforce this belief. We always stand capable of realizing three important maxims for the sake of creating a healthy school environment for our children: acquisition of knowledge, building of character, and integration of fun through their education.

Consequently, Qimam El- Hayat School reformulated vision, mission, and philosophy statements to reflect significant growth and changes within the school population. Leadership was the idea through which the school vision evolved. We believe it is important to give students opportunities to develop leader –like characters. Accordingly, the curriculum that QHIS adopted promotes the data from a perspective of leaders in different realms besides providing practical examples in daily life. Moreover, core values have been added in conjunction with the vision, mission, and philosophy statement of the school.

To better reach our goal, we are aware of highly qualified teachers according to the international criteria that help them implement our goal, which is preparing our students to be future leaders through training course.
What distinguishes us from others is that we believe that a good school education is the key to build student’s social and life skills. That is why, Qimam El Hayat International schools adopt some programs that enable students to bear responsibility and face the future. These programs are impeded into the curriculum, and they are not extracurricular activities. Examples for these programs are Life Skills, Presentation, Manners, etc. The process of education in QHIS depends on three cornerstones: knowledge, morals, and skills.
Our schools stand unique in maintaining all communication channels open. Staff members at all levels are willing to respond effectively and honestly to all forms of enquiry. The school board of directors, executive management, and managerial board maintain a hands-on involvement and do not hold their effort to reach out to any parent who requests their attention. We are always available for a meeting or on the end of a phone in times of need. Qimam El Hayat International Schools have become one of the most innovative, successful, and high performing educational entity in the heart of Riyadh, KSA. Our school provides greatly regarded academic services. We spare no effort to create a more effective, fruitful, and enjoyable learning process. 
The school gives students an opportunity to pass through a new academic experience that enriches their potentials to cope with the rapid changes throughout the world. 
QHIS intends to upgrade their talents to become creative thinkers and challenge tacklers.