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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum, instructional strategies and methods, learning activities, and assessments are designed to optimize learning experiences for all students. Curriculum is a standard-based sequence of planned experiences where students practice and achieve proficiency in content and applied learning skills.

In QHIS, the curriculum is designed according to the Common Core State Standards in both English and math and Next Generation State Standards in science.

In QHIS, the curriculum is well implemented through scope and sequence to design, organize, and plan an education or training action, including learning objectives, content, methods (including assessment) and material, as well as arrangements for training teachers and trainers. Beginning with pre-kindergarten, the school offers children a program intended to enable them to read, write, understand, and speak both English and Arabic. The acquisition of two languages supports a commitment to developing life-long skills in communication, critical thinking, and analysis. All children in the Primary School are taught the core Arabic curriculum prescribed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education, as well as our extra material. The program of Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science are supported by, P.E. and Information Technology.

The curriculum at each grade level is designed to impart the requisite knowledge and build up the target skills of reading, comprehension, speaking, writing, critical thinking, comparison, and analysis for all students in a manner that ensures continuity and linear progression. This is achieved through an ideal blend of classroom teaching, extra reading, related learning activities, and a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that are integrated into the syllabi at each grade level.

The curriculum from Kindergarten till grade 12 in QHIS is drawn from the guidelines provided in the national American standards, Pearson Curriculum and other appropriate reference books; a variety of internet resources and worksheets, handouts and practical learning activities prepared by the teachers themselves is specifically designed for these classes.