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GRADING SYSTEM - Qimam El Hayat International School
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Grading System



QHIS Assessment Framework and Grading System is designed to engineer and gauge students’ academic and behavioral performance toward unbiased measures of testing that include a varied assessment segment, namely, formative assessment and summative assessment. Below are the definition, purpose, and action steps of the key terms in the framework.

Letter grades are issued thrice a year within three-term year, computed on a GPA scale of 4.00. All grades are recorded on the school script. This transcript accompanies the college applications. (According to College Board Grading system)

Letter GradePercent Grade4.0 Scale
90 – 1004.0
B80 – 903.0
C70 – 802.0
D60 – 701.0
FBelow 60 


Grading General Policies
  1. Regular class quizzes, assessment exams, and the semester exams are held to measure the students’ academic progress.
  2. Reports with credits awarded on a semester basis are issued four times a year Students take up to 60% of each subject as a success average.
  3. The student must complete full exams to get a semester report Card.
  4. Students should submit assignments and projects on time to get the full mark.
  5. Promotion at the end of the academic year is granted on the basis of evaluation, done throughout the year and not only on the last examination held in May/June.
  6. Failures in any subject have to sit for re-exam at the end of the year (August).